Fab-Swag December 28 2017, 0 Comments

Fabuluxe Swag

New to the fabuluxe repertoire is our signature fabuluxe wear apparel and accessories. Each item is made with the best of quality and can be shipped to you, so that you can let everyone know just how Fab you are!

- Protection from the Elements 

Being a fashionista, the only kryptonite that seems to lurk around and plague your mind is the dreaded elements that are inevitable and oh, so yucky! But before you reach for your tatted and torn little black umbrella (We all have one) Grab “The Perfect Brella” instead. Made with 100% polyester pongee and waterproof fabric and a sturdy gripped handle, that is proven to give you the coverage you need to keep you dry and pretty!

What goes together with umbrellas like peas and carrots, you ask? BOOTS! And we here at fabuluxe have the cutest and most comfy boots for the most awful of inclimate weather. The Dakota and Pretty and Fab boots are eco mouton, mid-length boot that are furry and comfy on the inside but made with genuine Italian leather to keep the cold and wet elements away from your pretty pedicures. Grab both pairs and you will be set for the months to come!

- Fab on the Go

With the New Year approaching, and the cabin fever beginning to set it, it’s not unnatural to want to book that first flight to a tropical climate to warm your bones. Before you book your vacay, make sure you snap “The Fab Travel Bag” its super durable and made with high-grade water resistant fabric, sure to keep your threads safe and dry as you make your way to paradise, or to your besties for a cute girls night in. And to ensure that you will not be late, also add the Look Haute Watch to your cart and sport your Fabuluxe Wear!

As you step into this New Year, remember to be Fab-U-Luxe! We wish you and yours many blessings, good vibes, and all of your resolutions to come to fruition and flourish into your best you!

 -Destiny M