LookFabuluxe SpotLight: The FAB Johnna Earl August 14 2017, 1 Comment


Introduce yourself and profession to our readers:  My name is Johnna Earl Fashion Stylist located in Atlanta, Ga, creator and founder of Exclusively Yours By JE


What inspired you to pursue this area of interest? I have always been an artsy girl very creative so I dabbled into everything from Photography Class, Dance, Modeling, writing short stories, sketching, designing and landed in Fashion and decided to see it through. I feel through my journey in art inspired my Fashion it’s a lifestyle.


What advice would you share with those interested in a similar pursuit? Stay Focused, determined and balanced. Create that vision board, realistically write those goals and plan of action down. Go to sleep with that dream or goal and wake up with a purpose everyday. Show Gratitude.


 Discuss a professional challenge and how you overcame it: Understanding the value of trusting the process. Do not give up on the person you are becoming and trust that timing is everything , just consistently apply yourself to your craft. I constantly found myself thinking because of my age I wasn’t where I should be or the many years I have been out of college that I should be at a certain level in my career. You find yourself attracting opportunities that is preparing you for what you asked for. Just be patient and listen. I overcame this by creating those vision boards and realistically wrote down my goals understanding life happens and things come up just remain focused, determined and stay balanced.


What is next for your brand/business in 2017-2018? Continuously building and branding Exclusively Yours By JE turning it into an convenient Fashion Forward App.


      What motivates you? Life, Traveling, Reading and looking through old and current magazines listening to old school music!


What is your favorite quote? I'm more interested in the woman I want to be, opposed to the things I want. By the time I'm her, I'll already have everything I want!

        Connect with Johnna on Instagram:  stylishlyje