LookFabuluxe Spotlight: The FAB LaShea Walker February 01 2018, 6 Comments


1. Introduce yourself to our readers: My name is LaShea Walker. I’m married to Reese Walker and have one son, Jayden. I currently work full-time for the state of Georgia in Child Protective Services as well as own/operate LaShea’s Creations everywhere in between. I am also a college graduate, holding degrees in Sociology, Criminal Justice & Psychology. When I am not working (which is very rare), I enjoy spending time with my family.

2. What or who inspires you: I am mostly inspired by people who push through obstacles and challenges, letting nothing stand in the way of achieving success.

3. What advice would you share with those who are pursuing their dream: Never give up... push yourself to great lengths... Trust GOD and keep him first... and BELIEVE! The sky is the limit and we are ALL destined for greatness!!! It’s just a matter of tapping into what and who you were destined to be....

4. Discuss a professional challenge and how you overcame it: Hmmm... that’s a good one. To be transparent, I’ve faced many challenges- as a new business owner, but one of the hardest, has been learning to remain calm and live with the criticism and cruelty of others, as a true professional should. My religion has helped a lot with this and at the end of the day, it’s always best to just turn the other cheek!

5.What is next for your brand/business in 2017-2018? I’ve been in constant prayer and meditation with God, and he has revealed that this is the year of expansion. A new signature brand of my own, M. LaShea, is in the works- as well as a few other business ventures that I hope to share and roll out by the end of 2018. This is a journey for me- God directed me to this path, and I am following his lead every step of the way!

6. What is your favorite quote? I have a ton of favorite quotes (which will soon be featured in my collection), however one that truly resonates at the present time is this... “Just a Small Town Girl with Big Dreams”

7. What are some of your MUST HAVE fashion staples? I absolutely LOVE a cute dress! Dresses make up 75% of my wardrobe. Pair that with cute shoes and accessories and you’re ready to conquer the world... (or at least I always feel that way) :-)

website: www.lasheascreations.com

social media handles: Facebook:LaSheasCreations00   IG: lasheas_creations