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Pep In Your Step: Mule Pleassssse! April 21 2016, 0 Comments



I wouldn't call it a COMEBACK...The Mule has been around for a long time, the style has just evolved along with us fashionistas!

One thing I have always loved about the Mule style is it helps with that transition from Winter into Spring without switching directly into sandals, LOL!

You may be pondering how to actually wear them...well hold your horses...I mean MULE ;-)

The options are endless! Go get that cute pair of jeans out of the closet and your favorite tank! ORRR That pleated skirt you said you didn't know what shoes to wear with it....what about that A-line dress you haven't worn yet??

Let us see how you've dressed your mules... send your FAB pics to and we will post here on the Fabuluxe Blog!

Stay FABULUXE, Always!




Let's Talk: Weather + Threads January 31 2016, 0 Comments

Oh the weather outside is frightful but your threads can be delightful! As before, I am here to offer some fashion advice, tips, and tricks for your most chilliest of days. So grab your tea or selected hot beverage, prop your feet up, and let me give you the low down on this year’s winter fab fashions. As fall leaves us and winter brings us snow and ice, let’s not put those faux furs away. Reviewed in our fall blog, I explained how you would see faux fur in ways you’ve never seen before. And no sooner than our fall review, an array of faux fur cell phone covers, key chains, pumps, and other fabulous finds have been popping up everywhere. Faux fur is a great way to show off your personality, even when you’re covered from head to toe in protective winter wear. Texture is key in the winter months. You want to be as warm as possible but not look like Randy from a Christmas story. Scarfs are probably the easiest and most cost efficient way to add texture to your daily wardrobe. Try pairing a solid colored sweater or top with a funky, sassy, or even solid colored scarf, much like the “Just Wrapping Scarf,” which is available right here on Fabuluxe! “The Cozy Top” here on Fabuluxe is an option for an upper garment which matches perfectly with the “Just Wrapping Scarf”. Add a pump much like the “Attention Getters” and you’ll be warm yet fashionable for your journey into the cold for your milk and bread before the storm hits. Now just because old man winter has come into town and the sky is grey, doesn’t mean you have to stay with that motif! Cotton candy colors were all the rave on the runway for this season and is a cute yet subtle way to introduce a pop of color into your fashion diet. And as always, Fabuluxe is right on the money with the theme. The “Sky Bright Cardigan” inhabits the cotton candy tones, and is an uber comfy garment that will surely brighten your day, despite the sub zero temps. Try pairing with the”Be Fabuluxe” pumps which will surely satisfy your sweet tooth, and go slay the day. Winter is probably the challenging season to showcase your inner fashionista but fret not, you can do it. Be sure to look around the site and add something fierce to your carts! I wish everyone a wonderful kick start to the new year. I will bloom in the spring to bring you a new view on what you can do to channel your inner diva. Take care, be safe, stay warm, but most importantly, stay fabuluxe!

-Destiny Morton,The Fabuluxe Blog Director


Lets TALK: Fabuluxe Fall Wear October 28 2015, 0 Comments

Tis the season for all things comfy and cozy! It's fall, y’all! And I’m here to help you transition from floral prints to faux fur and look good doing it! Most of us can agree that it can be a challenge to make layers look fly and fashion forward. But fret not my fabuluxe mama’s and papa’s; this is when you can really show the world your personal style and what you’re made of, so let’s begin! Let’s face it, blazers are the best. And when old man winter begins to creep upon us, a simple blazer is a great go to item. Blazers have the ability to be flipped and bounced with the addition of accessories, and/or a funky top, a sleek pant and/or a dope pump. Blazers are easy to find and offer ample styles and cuts. Your local department store will have oodles of them and even your local goodwill or thrift shop; will carry blazers during the fall season. Try pairing a blazer with a statement tee, much like the Fabuluxe’ “blessed” top. Make sure to purchase one that will suit your body type, height, and personal style and take it away from there. Cardigans also make a comeback in autumn. They come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles and recently were showcased on the runway in a way we’ve never seen. With funky prints and yes, even the addition of fur. The cardigan is no longer a fashion staple for your sweet little librarian. Cardigans are very inexpensive and are a nice and subtle way to stay warm and look sleek and put together.

Speaking of fur, it is now time to grab them from the attic and rid them of their mothball aroma and take them out for a spin. But if you are in the market for a new fur, you can grab a faux fur almost anywhere! And much like cardigan’s they have also up’d their game since Cruella Deville quit nabbing puppies. Pink, two toned, three toned, short, long, key chains, open toed pumps, you name it! Try adding a pop of color to a black or white faux fur vest and a fabuluxe accessory or pump like the “Cuffed up” bracelet, and/or the “Ohhlala” Heels and you too can look as royal as the Queen, or as posh as Mrs. Beckham herself.

And last but certainly not least, my friend and yours, The Sweater. Sweaters are like an everlasting hug through the course of the day. They provide warmth and coverage during even your chilliest of moments. I don’t know about you, but a sweater is the first clothing item that I reach for when the leaves fall. Their repertoire is nothing short of classic and eclectic, and can be worn with almost any pant, boot, pump, or sneaker. Oversized sweaters are a constant star on the runway. These can be paired with Fabuluxe’ “Woo Hoo” Flats or even the “Whoa” Leopard Print Peep Toe Booties. Try pairing your over-sized sweater with leggings or tight fitted denim to present a contrast to your dimension. A tighter fitted sweater can be paired with a boyfriend jean to awaken your inner Carrie Bradshaw and can be paired with a sleek boot like the Fabuluxe “Rise and Shine” Block Heels. So, ladies I bid you adieu, be bold in your fall fashionista endeavors.

Stay warm and stay fly and most importantly, stay Fabuluxe.

~ Destiny M ~


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Everyday IS Shoesday!! September 03 2015, 1 Comment

What's your favorite day of the week? Monday? Maybe Friday? Humm I'll have to say mine is Shoesday, lol. That's everyday, right. Yea, we thought so too!

One of our absolute favorite staples are the FAB pointy pumps! You can fall in love with these bad boys over and over again because they NEVER go out of style. Take a "Shoefie" of your pointy pumps, post the link or your social media handle below,let us see how Fabuluxe they look!